Become a Designer

If you’ve ever considered becoming a designer of jewelry, now is the time.  Or if you can’t find the jewelry you want, create your own.  And you can do it from the comfort of your home.  Sit in your easy chair with your laptop or tablet and design that jewelry.  Pandora Jewelry makes it simple.

Go to the Pandora Jewelry’s website.  At the top of the page, you will see Ring Designer.  Click that link.  You will be taken to a largely blank page with suggestions at the bottom.  Click on any ring you like and then click ADD.  The ring will drop down to the middle of the page.  Then click the next ring you like.  Click Add.  The ring will drop down to the top of the last ring.  Continue until you have achieved the look you want.  If you make a mistake, click Remove and it will be done.  You can rearrange your rings virtually so that you can see just how they will look on your finger.

If you are not the traditional Mother’s Ring person, consider making your own Mother’s ring by stacking a ring for each child.  You would have a unique ring.  It would be made from your heart.  And representing each child the way you think of him or her.

For Valentine’s Day consider creating a ring to represent the one you love.  Maybe a band of garnet for her personality.  Surround it with plain bands for strength.  In the middle of them all, maybe a diamond for the light she puts in your eyes.

No matter what style of ring you like, you can create it at Pandora Jewelry.  You will be inspired by their wonderful collection and be overjoyed by your designs.   Try your hand at designing at Pandora Jewelry.  You might find a hidden talent.