Caring for Diamond Rings

Although diamonds are hard, they are not indestructible.  The most common problem is loss of the diamond. To minimize the chances of losing the diamond, remove your ring when doing any work that will cause the ring to scrape or hit against other objects. Do not wear it working in the yard or doing chores around the house. The prongs on the setting get loose when they come into contact with other objects.  After a while the prongs will be too loose to hold the diamond in place securely.  One good bump and the diamond is knocked out of the setting. It is a good idea to have your diamond professionally cleaned and inspected twice a year.  This will allow a professional to see if something needs to be repaired or secured before the diamond is lost. Tightening up the prongs on the setting just might save your diamond from being lost forever.

Cleaning is important for diamonds. Never scrub your diamond with a small brush. This loosens the prongs allowing the diamond to be at risk of loss. Household cleansers and soaps are dulling to diamonds. Use a special cleansers made for diamonds. These can be purchased online or in jewelry stores. After soaking your diamond per instructions, use a soft polishing cloth to bring out the shine.

Diamonds can scratch other diamonds. When diamonds are placed together in a jewelry box or drawer, they tend to bump into each other and scratch. Each diamond should be stored in a soft cloth pouch before placing it in the drawer.  There are some very nice drawstring pouches with separate pockets for each diamond.  This is a marvelous way to protect your diamonds while storing them on one container.
For traveling, the entire pouch can be taken so that whatever diamond you need during the holiday will be with you.

Caring for diamonds is simple if you observe these few tips.

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“Recycled” Diamonds

Why would you do that? There are many reasons for recycling a diamond.

Consider the man who purchased an engagement ring for the love of his life.  The haughty, arrogant woman took one look at it and said, “It’s not big enough.” Now this man was not one to be snubbed.  He took the expensive ring back to the jeweler, handed the engagement ring and his masculine initial ring. He instructed the jeweler to re-cut the diamond from the engagement ring and place it around the initial of his ring.  Once the jeweler had done that, the man took his ring back to his previously intended and said, “There’s your engagement ring.”  The relationship ended but he had an initial ring which had increased in value significantly.

Consider the elderly woman who knows she is nearing the end of her time on earth.  She wants to share her diamonds with her grandchildren.  The problem comes when she has more grandchildren than diamonds. Having her diamonds cut and placed in a special setting for each grandchild will speak volumes to the grandchildren. It is not the size of the diamond, but the size of her heart that is special to them.

What about old wedding rings?  A couple had married during their midlife and enjoyed a happy relationship until the husband passed away at 87 years old.  About 10 years into their marriage, the husband had decided she needed a new wedding ring set.  He had not been happy with the first one, but it was the best he could do at the time. She wore the new set for over 25 years with the first set safely in her jewelry box.  When her husband passed away, her daughter took his wedding ring and the wife’s first wedding ring to the jeweler.  She asked the jeweler to intertwine the two rings to represent eternal love.  The jeweler cut one ring, slid the other on it and then repaired the cut. The daughter took the intertwined rings back to her mother and watched as tears ran down her cheeks when she saw the rings and understood the meaning.  The mother wore the two rings on a chain as a necklace.  She was asked often about the significance and proudly explained, “It represents the eternal love my husband and I had for each other.”

Recycled jewelry?  As one TV hostess would say, “It’s a good thing.”

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What to Demand When you Shop For Diamonds


When you fork out all of that hard earned cash, you have to be completely happy with your diamond and gemstone jewelry purchase!  From the day you make your outlay, through all the years that follow. That’s why you need a guarantee for your diamond and color gemstone jewelry for a lifetime.  Some places also have as long as 6-month inspection process that have been performed and documented by an authorized representative too, if you do it – go for it!

Diamonds and color gemstones are prepared, cut and polished by professional jewelers who  are so skillful that it makes your stone absolutely stunning and brilliant. You should also get a guarantee of the precise carat weight of the stone and the gold that’s in mounting- don’t just take the words of the salesman – they’ll tell you anything to make a sale!

Go for these options when you can:

Stone Replacement
You can have your stone replaced, usually free of charge*, for any diamond, emerald, ruby or sapphire usually covered by a Guarantee like this, if it chips, breaks, or is lost from its original clutch during normal wearing. For your Diamond and Gemstone Guarantee to remain intact, you have to have your diamond and/or gemstone inspected professionally and have the inspection documented every half year by an authorized representative at a respected Jewelry store.

*  Labor and materials for the replacement diamond or stone are usually included, if not, demand it!

Mounting Guarantee
Within a year from purchase date, you can have a guarantee for the mounting for your diamond, emerald, ruby or sapphire against all defects in material or manufacturing. The repair or replacement of  your mounting can sometimes be done without charge if any faults are found within the time period.

Lifetime Diamond Trade-In Policy
You may trade in your diamond for another diamond at least double the trade-in value. The trade-in value is the original purchase price, excluding charges such as tax and shipping. Color gemstone jewelry is not eligible for trade-in. Trade-Ins of in-store and online purchases are accepted at any Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry location. (Trade-ins are not accepted at

Free Lifetime Cleaning and Inspections
Sometimes you can find a store that offers free lifetime cleaning and inspections, if available, it is invaluable and you should highly consider it.

Return and Exchange Policy
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, the earlier that you replace it for a change the better.  Some places demand return within 30days of purchase.  By aware that certain items such as custom designed merchandise, class rings, special ordered watches and items engraved with personalized information generally cannot be returned or exchanged.