Celebrity Engagement Rings Lose Luster

Oh those beautiful engagement rings worn by celebrities.  We look at them with awe and wonder what life would be like if we only had a ring like that.  Well, sadly some of those celebrity engagement rings lose their luster after a short period of time.  Here are just a few.

Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli announced together that their 11 year marriage was over.  Jennie’s three stone engagement ring no longer glows in their eyes.

Diane Lane’s expensive engagement ring from Josh Brolin failed to out shine his infidelity.  They divorced after eight years.

Dennis Quaid’s marriage to Kimberly Buffington ended after eight years. The engagement ring was designed by Anthony Nak of Austin, Texas, but soon didn’t shine as bright as the stars of Texas.

Demi Moore was given a beautiful 5-carat emerald cut diamond by Ashton Kutcher.  However after rumors of infidelity by the younger Ashton finally tarnished the engagement ring.  The couple divorced after 6 years of marriage.  Demi Moore reported that the engagement ring she received from Ashton was one of her favorite pieces of jewelry.

Most people remember Tom Cruise’s declaration of love for Katie Holmes. Her oval cut solitaire engagement ring was photographed and written about for months afterward. Yet five years into the marriage, Katie’s ring no longer shined bright enough to stay with Tom Cruise.

Hilary Duff married Mike Comrie in May of 2010.  She was given a 14-Carat radiant cut diamond estimated at $1 million.  Yet three years later, the ring lost its luster and Hilary filed for divorce.

The prize for lack of longevity goes to Evelyn Lozada who filed for divorce from Chad ‘Ochocinco” Johnson 41 days after the wedding.

These are only a few of the celebrities that were able to pay a lot of money for an engagement, but couldn’t pay to keep their marriages together.