Celebrity Engagement Rings Still Shine and Last the Test of Time

It is no secret that celebrities divorce almost before they marry.  Both marriages and divorces of celebrities seem to dominate the media. Some that started on this list of long marriages were removed before print because they had divorced in late 2013.
However, there are a few celebrities that marry with the intent of staying together forever. Here are a few that have lasted longer than most non-celebrity marriages and certainly longer than most celebrity marriages.
Ozzie Osbourne married Sharon Levy in 1982.  Through many trials such as Sharon’s cancer and Ozzie’s substance abuse, they have grown stronger.  Even allowing reality television into their home didn’t take the shine off Sharon’s 10-carat diamond ring.  She waited 25 years for it, only to have it stolen in 2004. She waited seven years to have it returned to her.
It seems that 1988 was the year to marry.  Three celebrity couples married that year and are still together with no signs of separating.
Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson married in 1988. Despite rumors of separation, her engagement ring has been shining brightly for over 25 years.
Kyra Sedgwick mesmerized the world when she starred in The Closer, with an accent so authentic some viewers were surprised to learn it wasn’t natural. Kyra married Kevin Bacon in 1988. What hasn’t shined in their relationship was the engagement ring he gave her.  She exchanged it three months after receiving it.  Likewise, she exchanged the ring he gave her for their 25th wedding anniversary.
Michael J. Fox fell hard for Tracy Pollan when they met on the set of Family Ties. She was a guest but after Michael fell in love, she became a regular.  She has now been a regular in his life since 1988. Even through his Parkinson’s illness, their love is shining bright.

Celebrity Engagement Rings Lose Luster
Oh those beautiful engagement rings worn by celebrities.  We look at them with awe and wonder what life would be like if we only had a ring like that.  Well, sadly some of those celebrity engagement rings lose their luster after a short period of time.  Here are just a few.
Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli announced together that their 11 year marriage was over.  Jennie’s three stone engagement ring no longer glows in their eyes.
Diane Lane’s expensive engagement ring from Josh Brolin failed to out shine his infidelity.  They divorced after eight years.
Dennis Quaid’s marriage to Kimberly Buffington ended after eight years. The engagement ring was designed by Anthony Nak of Austin, Texas, but soon didn’t shine as bright as the stars of Texas.
Demi Moore was given a beautiful 5-carat emerald cut diamond by Ashton Kutcher.  However after rumors of infidelity by the younger Ashton finally tarnished the engagement ring.  The couple divorced after 6 years of marriage.  Demi Moore reported that the engagement ring she received from Ashton was one of her favorite pieces of jewelry.
Most people remember Tom Cruise’s declaration of love for Katie Holmes. Her oval cut solitaire engagement ring was photographed and written about for months afterward. Yet five years into the marriage, Katie’s ring no longer shined bright enough to stay with Tom Cruise.
Hilary Duff married Mike Comrie in May of 2010.  She was given a 14-Carat radiant cut diamond estimated at $1 million.  Yet three years later, the ring lost its luster and Hilary filed for divorce.
The prize for lack of longevity goes to Evelyn Lozada who filed for divorce from Chad ‘Ochocinco” Johnson 41 days after the wedding.
These are only a few of the celebrities that were able to pay a lot of money for an engagement, but couldn’t pay to keep their marriages together.

Cost of a Celebrity Engagement Ring
The average person will never live like a celebrity.  We just don’t have the funds.  However, it is fun to watch what the celebrities do. Sometimes we wonder if we’d do the same thing if we could. One area that takes top billing on the news is the celebrity engagement rings. Celebrities can’t buy something ordinary. The ring and the news must top the report about the last celebrity engagement ring. So what do celebrities’ engagement rings cost?  Here is a short list.
Carrie Underwood has an engagement ring reported to have cost $150,000.  That was also the cost of Heidi Klum’s ring.  Both rings were yellow diamonds.  Heidi’s was larger, but Carrie’s has micro-paved diamonds on the band.  Very classy.
Britney Spears engagement ring from Jason Trawick cost$200,000.  As did Kate Hudson’s ring bought by Matt Bellamy. Katherine Zeta-Jones ring from Michael Douglas is reported to have cost the same.
Angelina Jolie and Reese Witherspoon both step up with rings costing $250,000.
While these may blow your mind, they are considered on the lower end as far as celebrity rings. There are celebrities that pay millions to tell the world they intend to marry.  Kim Kardashian’s ring cost $2 million.  The marriage lasted two months. That’s a million dollars a month. Not bad pay.
Walking in the same neighborhood are Mariah Carey, Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, and Jackie Kennedy whose rings are estimated at about $2.5 million.  Then there is one that walks alone.  Beyonce’s 28 carat emerald ring is reported to have cost $5 million.  Jay-Z and Beyonce’ were married three years before separating in 2011.

Celebrity engagement rings seem to cost somewhere between the cost of a small house and a very large mansion.  Let’s think about the length of some of these marriages.  Hmmm.  Wonder if they’ve ever thought of investing in real estate?

Designers of Celebrity Engagement Rings
Have you ever wondered who designs celebrity engagement rings?  Here is a look at a few designers other than the famous Pandora Rings and Verragio Rings.
Neil Lane grew up in Brooklyn where he was intrigued with nature and design.  After attending Purdue University he traveled to Paris, France to learn more about jewelry.  While living in Paris, he became quite knowledgeable about vintage pieces.  That’s when he started working on his period pieces, which are classics that will never go out of style.
After moving to Hollywood, Neil’s reputation of art collector quickly grew.  It didn’t take long for the celebrities to come knocking on his door.  Some beautiful female stars have accepted their first Oscar wearing jewelry designed by Neil Lane.
So whose engagement ring has he designed? Well, we can start with Elizabeth Taylor. From there we can move on to Barbara Streisand and Jessica Simpson. These are only a few of the stars that shined as bright as the diamond Neil Lane designed.
Cynthia Wolff designed Britney Spears’ 4-carat platinum ring with a single, round diamond. She actually designed two rings for Britney. The other one was a 5.5-carat, also in platinum.  Although Cynthia Wolff started in New York City, she has been in California since 1993.
Cartier created Katie Holmes’ Platinum and Rose gold ring with a Pave setting and an Oval cut center stone.  The ring was given to her by Tom Cruise in 2005.
Ann Mangini of Santa Monica’s Rafinity designed the 2.5-Carat princess cut diamond ring for a very surprised Carrie Ann Inaba. She has designed other jewelry for Sharon Osborne, Kobe Bryant, and Mariah Carey just to name a few.
These are just a few of the designers who design for the celebrities.  Most of these designers are very private and do not disclose personal information.

Fake Celebrity Engagement Rings
You’re thinking about getting married.  You are fascinated with a celebrity and want to look like they do.  Their wedding was beautiful.  Your heart breaks at the thought that your wedding won’t be anything like theirs.  But you can have the engagement ring.
Say what?  Yes, you can have the engagement ring.  There are places you can buy fake celebrity engagement rings for very little money. Googling fake celebrity engagement rings brought up several sites. Most of the rings cost less than $100 on these sites. Not all celebrities’ jewelry was there. It appears that they are chosen for popularity rather than ring beauty.
Googling replica celebrity engagement rings brought up several other sites. There seems to be more celebrities’ jewelry with this search.  The rings were less than $200 on most of the sites. Be careful though.  Some of the rings on these sites are not the actual replica.  They are inspired by the original.  That means that the stone may be a different cut or the setting may be different.  Just be sure that you getting what you want when you order.
Some of the sites carry other celebrity jewelry.  Some have their entire wedding jewelry sets.  Other sites carry everyday jewelry worn by the celebrities. Many celebrities have jewelry they wear daily.  People expect to see the piece on them. You might be able to find these pieces on the sites that carry celebrity jewelry.
There are many sites so be sure to shop around.  Kate Middleton’s ring cost anywhere from $24 to $75 depending on the site.  Take time to know what the difference is so you are not disappointed. Some of these rings are smaller than the original. If you want the same size and cut of a particular ring, you may have to look on several sites before you find it.
Nontraditional Celebrity Engagement Rings
Everyone with television has seen the engagement ring Prince William gave to Kate Middleton. The sapphire and diamond ring would be special just for its beauty. This one belonged to Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana. We first saw it in 1981. Now we can see it again on another beautiful Princess.  While Prince William and Kate took center stage for a while, they don’t stand alone. There are other beautiful, nontraditional celebrity engagement rings. Hockey player Mike Fisher proposed to Carrie Underwood.  He gave her a 5 caret yellow diamond. It was surrounded by micro-pave white diamonds on a platinum band.  Micro-paving is a highly skilled way of paving a band with diamonds so small a microscope is required.
Jason Sudeikis asked Olivia Wilde for her hand with a round diamond surrounded with emeralds.  It is the reverse of Kate’s ring.  Kate’s has the diamonds surrounding the sapphire. Most engagement rings place the diamonds around the gem. Olivia’s ring is a nice twist with the emeralds circling the diamond.
Evan Ross gave Ashlee Simpson a unique ring.  It is a marquise-cut diamond. The beautiful diamond was set in platinum and gold.  It is accented by rubies.  In pictures it looks like the diamonds around the rubies are micro-paved.
The public has always been fascinated by celebrity engagement rings. Many of these engagement rings are specially designed.  Some cost millions of dollars. The rings in this article didn’t cost quite that much. They were well over $100,000 each.

Kate’s ring is estimated from $137,000 to $500,000. Not affordable to the average person, but not expensive by celebrity standards.  These rings are proof that a ring doesn’t have to cost in the millions to be extraordinary. You would be hard pressed to find more beautiful rings than the ones featured here on pandorarings.org.