Exceptional Features Of Pandora Rings

What are Pandora rings? These are rings made by the company Pandora. Pandora is a Denmark based jewelery company which was founded in 1953 by Per and Winnie Enevoldsen. It specializes in selling various kinds of jewelery such as earrings, charm bracelets, rings, and necklaces in over 50 countries. Their most famous products are the rings and the charm bracelets. This Danish company has over 4,340 employees and owns total assets amounting to approximately DKK 4.315 billion (around $752.5 million).

The Elegant and Timeless Pandora Rings


Pandora rings are a special kind of rings that are crafted with stunning gemstones. Below are some the features that made them special.

  • These rings can mix and match according to what your heart desires.
  • They are also known as appeal rings because of a certain appeal that they produce over people.
  • They can be worn by women as well as men.
  • The rings can be worn on any occasion. Or it may even be worn on a daily basis depending on the user.
  • Price range of 30 GBP (approximately 44.76 USD) and varies as high as 1,850 GBP (approximately 2760 USD) as of this writing.
  • These rings are mainly available in two types: with or without stones

The Latest Pandora RIngs Silver Collection

Without Stones

Rings without stones are a little cheaper than those with stones. The cheapest ring in this range is the Oxidized Silver Flower Ring which is basically made up of oxidized silver and carved into a shape of a flower. Whereas, the most expensive ring in this category is the Plain Stacking Ring. This ring is made up of 14ct gold and would make up for an excellent wedding band. These pandora wedding rings cost about 340 GBP (507.25 USD) a piece. Pandora rings silver range is the most popular range available in the market.

Personalized and Authentic Pandora Cherry Blossom Rings For Wedding

With Stones

Rings with stones are studded with a wide range of stunning gemstones. The cheapest one in this category is the Onyx Twist Stacking Ring, which costs around 35 GBP (52.23 USD) a piece. This ring is made up of sterling silver and studded with black onyx gemstones. The most expensive Pandora ring is the LP WG 8pod Pavéring. This one looks absolutely stunning, and can be worn along with any kind of jewelry. Diamond rings like the diamond studded ring is made from 18ct white gold making them look absolutely magnificent. They are perfect for any kind of occasion. They cost about 1,850 GBP (2760.01 USD) a piece and can be bought from any of the Pandora stores.

The Pandora Ring and Jewelry For Women

Pandora In General

Pandora rings are one of the most famous Danish jewelry brands which have stores across the globe. They have a wide selection of jewelry such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. The rings available are made up of several metals such as silver rings, gold rings, white gold or two toned rings (i.e. a combination of two metals). One can either purchase plain metal rings, or they can purchase the ones studded with gemstones. The company also specializes in rings for particular occasions such as wedding rings, engagement rings and so forth. Buying rings from Pandora guarantees a wise investment because of their quality and timeless appeal.