Pandora Rings for Everyone

Pandora Rings run the gamut from simple to exquisite. The simplest is not the least expensive. It is a silver ring with no stone, no texture in the band. Just a smooth silver band. The most exquisite is made of 14K gold. The band is carved with a row of flowers around the entire band. Each flower has a diamond inset where the head of the flower would be. In between these two extremes are elegant rings. Some feature one gemstone. Some are kissed with gemstones all the way around the band. Pandora rings range in price from $25 USD to $1,650 USD.

At this writing, Pandora is manufacturing approximately 184 rings. Of this number, about 25% are priced at $50 or less. These rings are not cheaply made. They receive the same attention to detail that the most expensive rings do. They are affordably priced so every woman has the chance to own a Pandora ring. There are about 10% of the rings priced at $50 to $100. Approximately 10% rings are priced between $100 and $200. There are about 5% of the rings at the top of the price range. These are priced from $200 to $1,650.

The rings are made from either 14K yellow gold, white gold, two tone or sterling silver. Whether you like your jewelry plain to show classic beauty or very detailed, there is a Pandora ring for you. If you prefer one stone or many, the designers at Pandora rings have created a ring with you in mind. Whether you prefer to spend your money on other things or spend every dime on one ring, Pandora rings collection is ready for you. Pandora Jewelry has been in business since 1982. They have consistently grown by creating jewelry with every woman in mind.