Tungsten Wedding Bands

There is that age old question again.  How to find a tough, scratch resistant wedding band for the bride or groom? For years brides chose smooth gold bands for their grooms. Which is fine if the groom has a desk job. However for the man who makes a living with his hands there were problems. Years later looking at the couples wedding bands, it looked like he had been married 25 years instead of five. It was scratched, dull, and just plain banged up. Now we have tungsten metal. The word tungsten means heavy stone.  Rings made with tungsten are heavier than rings the same size made of other metals. Men like the weight of it.  They are scratch resistant enough to withstand the file test. Yes, a stainless steel file is actually used to test the ring.


Men and women who use their hands to make a living, can now wear a wedding band with pride and confidence that it will not scratch or ding while they are eking out a living. Tungsten is one of the strongest metals known to us. Tungsten carbide is even stronger. It receives 8.5-9 on the MOHS hardness scale and must be heated to 6200 degrees to shape. Shaping it into a ring requires twenty to thirty steps.


Tungsten is as plentiful as it is hard. Therefore it is extremely affordable. Men’s wedding bands sell from $75 to $400. Women’s wedding bands sell from $100 to $800. These are online prices. Yes, there are some variations and yes, they are attractive. In addition tungsten is hypo-allergenic. One drawback to tungsten is that it cannot be sized at the local jewelry.  It must be ordered to fit the person who intends to wear it.


Tungsten rings are:

  • affordable
  • scratch resistant
  • feel heavy
  • hypo-allergenic
  • custom sized
  • attractive.

Tungsten rings are gaining in popularity, especially with men. For a long lasting and beautiful wedding ring, tungsten is worth looking at.