Popular Cuts Of Diamond Rings

What’s in a ring with diamonds? The legendary figure Marilyn Monroe had truly said that diamond ring is the best friend of a girl.

Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Solid Platinum

When buying any kind of diamonds, a buyer must be familiar with the famous 4C’s

  • Color
  • Carat
  • Cut
  • Clarity



Princess Cut

  • The princess cut diamond ring is known for its sparkle, value and clarity.
  • The history of this modern cut goes back to some five hundred years.
  • It is the result of prolonged refinement, hard work and a desire to achieve immaculate shape that has gifted this wonderful jewelry piece.
  • It is the science of diamond cutting which played a crucial role in inventing this unique cut.
  • In order to create the maximum shine and sparkle, the diamond cutters avail the full advantage of the molecular structure.
  • The term “fire” is used to denote the grade of the sparkle or shine of this particular ring.
  • The princess cut is available in wide range of colors .However the white is considered to be the most popular color because of its natural spark and reflection.
  • In present scenario, this particular category diamond is ranked as the second most popular choice among buyers.
  • The general appearance of this cut is rectangular and square .The top most part of the stone resembles a rectangular shape and the rest will remind you of a pyramid.



Heart Shaped

  • The heart shaped diamond ring is mostly available in a wide range of width to length ratios. However those within 0.9 and 1.1 range are mostly recommended.
  • The best way to determine the quality of this kind of ring is to go through the certificate .It is the color and grade of the cut that determine the quality of the diamond.
  • You must check the corner and the color grade. It is recommended to obtain the color grade J or even lower.
  • The majority of the heart shape rings have heart facet on the top and triangle around the table. Majority of the heart shaped diamond are mostly pear shaped.
  • There are many ways to determine the right ratios of length and breadth of a good quality heart shape diamond.
  • The most recommended standard is 0.75 and 1.25 .The heart shaped diamond whose width and length ratio is .75 is considered ‘fatter’ where as the ratio 1.25 is considered as ‘narrower’.
  • This category of ring is forever in demand and signifies occasions and moments that binds two hearts forever.


Fascinating Heart Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Black Diamond

  • The black diamond ring has become popular from the early period of the 19th century. During its initial stage a black diamond is not considered as a lucky omen among the married couple. Instead this piece of stone was symbolized for struggled and disturbed marital relationship.
  • The black diamond is popular among the male gender. This ring looks awesome especially when placed with titanium .This setting can glorify the color of the diamond. However, there are designer houses that use white gold to make this diamond ring.


Pandora Ring

  • Pandora rings reflect wealth and prosperity.
  • The ring is designed with numerous precious gemstone and metals
  • The entire combination is brought to life with some fabulous and unique design.
  • This kind of diamond ring is mostly worn as mix and match.

The list above illustrates some of the most popular types of diamond rings available. Your choice will depend on several factors as well as financial capacity. Doing proper research and obtaining help from professional jewelers is advisable before deciding to buy one.